Friends with benefits

Vic and Shu are friends with benefits. They just hang out, and have improv. It's easy, now that they've established the ground rules. If they stopped having improv, they'd still be friends. Typically, they have casual improv and sometimes they invite others to have improv with them.

Upcoming show(s)

Improvised Crimewatch (click for details)

16 Nov, 6pm.


Friends with Benefits is an improv duo that started in 2019, debuting in Ad Hoc's regular duo show, Two To Tango in June. We perform regularly in Ad Hoc Improv Shows. In 2019, we experimented being 'Heart & Brain' at PowerPoint Karaoke SG: Duo Show in June, performed thrice at Cagematch in August and September, and did an improv set at Siao Char Bors Comedy in October. 


We hit our first festival in Hong Kong at the 9th Annual HK Improv Festival & Jamboree in October 2019 and were warmly received for our two performances there. 

Interested in featuring Friends with Benefits at your next show? Email and we'd get back to you right away!

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