Our Story

Ad Hoc Improv Shows was inspired by an impromptu showcase run by Jonathan Pitts at the Manila Improv Fest 2019. I loved the rush of putting on a show with improvisers I'd just met - the intensity of attention, trust and care of everybody playing. 


I wanted to bring that spirit to Singapore. I started with one experiment, asking other improvisers if they’d like to do a show. No formal team, no big venue. Just a simple ‘yes’, and it was happening! 


From this one show in April 2019, we've since created over a dozen ad hoc shows. Connecting a growing pool of performers, musicians and creators. 


Improv teams are awesome! But there are so many amazing, unpredictable, different improvisers in the world. So many things improv can be. Why not try them all, and explore the possibilities? 


It all began when I said yes to ad hoc improv shows. We hope you will too.

                                                                                                           - Vic

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